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Modern-day Slavery & trafficking

Modern-day slavery and trafficking can include victims who have been brought overseas and vulnerable people in the UK.

Modern-day slavery can include victims who are illegally forced to work. They are illegally forced to work against their will in many different places, including brothels, cannabis farms, nail bars and farms.

Human trafficking is the transportation of people for exploitation by force, violence, deception, intimidation, coercion or abusing their vulnerability. This abuse of vulnerability may be sexual or labour exploitation and servitude.

Those who are trafficked have little choice in what happens to them and usually suffer threats and violence against them and/or their family, or through forced financial debt.

Spot the signs

Signs of slavery in the UK and elsewhere are often hidden, making it very hard to recognise victims around us. Here are some common signs to look out for

How you can get support

If you think slavery is happening, do not attempt to let the victim know that you have reported it or confront the traffickers. You must ensure their safety and yours.

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