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I or someone I know is experiencing personal abuse

A hate crime is an offence that the victim feels was committed because of some kind of prejudice or hate.

To report a hate crime

We’re all different but feeling worried, isolated, scared or ashamed are all perfectly normal. Being a victim of a hate crime can be upsetting as you have been targeted because of who you are, or who or what your attacker thinks you are.

Hate crimes are often not reported because the victim feels trapped and alone. The truth is, it can happen to anybody, and there is support available.

You may feel that no-one can help, but just talking to someone here about what you are going through will make you realise that there are people on your side. We can help you understand what is happening and guide you to specialist organisations who will support you moving forward.

If you have been a victim of hate crime and want to report it, please call Supporting Victims on 01609 643100 or fill in a Hate Crime Reporting Form online.

We are here to help you, please call us now. Calls are always treated in confidence. Call: 0808 168 9293

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