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Supporting Victims is an independent service for victims of crime in North Yorkshire to support them to cope and recover after crime.

The service is supported by North Yorkshire Police and the North Yorkshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Zoë Metcalfe.

Our highly skilled team are located in York and are able to offer advice and guidance over the telephone tailored to your individual circumstances following a crime that has affected you. This support aims to enable you to cope with the impact and recover from the harm caused as a result of crime. This could include supporting you through the criminal justice process. Our team are able to provide support or refer you to a specialist in your community to provide a face to face service. Alternatively they may signpost you to other agencies who can best meet your needs.

Supporting Victims Coordinators are the main people you will come into contact with and who will provide the majority of support.

Supporting Victim Co-ordinator

Supporting Victim Coordinators will be your first point of contact when getting in touch with the Supporting Victims. Their role is to listen and support you.

After speaking with you and asking you a few questions they will develop a personalised plan which identifies the specific needs you have based on your own situation and circumstances and the support you need.

Depending on your needs this could include organising support from Specialist Victim Advisers and helping you to access other external organisations.

Specialist Victim Advisers

Specialist Victim Advisers will be available where there is a need for longer term emotional or practical support. They are trained and experienced in specialist areas like sexual and domestic crime, anti-social behaviour, fraud or violence and can meet you face to face to help you understand what has happened and how to cope and recover from crime.

They will listen to you and give you advice and support on how to get your life back on track. Often just talking to someone independent from your family and friends, can help enormously. They will also provide you with practical support for example helping you to complete relevant paperwork such as criminal injuries compensation claims.