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North Yorkshire Police

If you have a complaint against North Yorkshire Police, this must be dealt with by the North Yorkshire Police Professional Standards Department or, in certain circumstances, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

The Professional Standards Department, where appropriate, may be able to resolve your complaint in a less formal but thorough way through discussion; where an explanation of actions taken and/or an apology can be given. Depending on the seriousness of the complaint a decision will be made regarding referral of the complaint to the IPCC.

In order to be considered by the IPCC complaints must relate to one of the following categories:

  • Allegations that the conduct complained of led to someone dying or being seriously injured
  • Conduct that has led to someone dying or being seriously injured
  • Referral of death or serious injury (DSI) matters*
  • Had been arrested or was otherwise detained in custody at the time 
had contact of any kind with a person serving with the police that may have caused or contributed to the death or serious injury.

* A DSI matter means any circumstances in which a person has died or sustained serious injury.

Mandatory referral criteria

The appropriate authority must refer complaints and conduct matters involving:

  • Serious assault
  • Serious sexual offence
  • Serious corruption
  • Criminal offence or behaviour that would lead to misconduct proceedings and that is aggravated by discriminatory behaviour on the grounds of a person’s race, sex, religion or other status identified in the IPCC Statutory Guidance
  • Certain types of criminal offence (known as relevant offences)
  • Complaints or conduct matters which are alleged to have arisen from the same incident as anything falling within these criteria

If you have a question about whether your complaint has been or will be referred to the IPCC, please contact the organisation dealing with the complaint.

IPCC Referral Information