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Criminal damage and arson

Criminal damage is where somebody damages or destroys another person’s property.

In acts of criminal damage, the offender:

  • Destroys or damages any property that does not belong to them.
  • Intends to destroy or damage this property.
  • Is reckless over whether the property will be destroyed or damaged.

Arson is where the criminal damage listed above is caused by a fire.

How criminal damage can affect you

We’re all different but feeling distressed, confused, worried or angry are all perfectly normal. Being a victim of criminal damage can be frightening, even if you weren’t there when it happened. Afterwards, you might feel vulnerable and worry about how secure you and your property are.

If you have been a victim of criminal damage and want help, our team here at Supporting Victims can help. We will listen, understand and guide you to the support you need.

We are here to help you, please call us now. Calls are always treated in confidence. Call: 0808 168 9293

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