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Securing your vehicle or bicycle against theft

Vehicle security

It can take a thief just ten seconds to break into your vehicle. With this in mind, you can take simple steps to keep it secure:

  • When leaving the vehicle, always close the windows and sunroof, lock the doors and activate any alarms or other security devices.
  • Park with care, particularly at night or if you are leaving the vehicle for a long time. If possible, leave your car in a busy, well-lit area.
  • Never leave cash, credit cards, chequebook, mobile phones, vehicle documents, keys or other valuables inside.
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Cycle safety

As more and more of us cycle for our health and to save money, we need to know how to keep our bikes secure. Whether it’s at home or parked outside, there are a number of low cost ways to keep your wheels your wheels:

  • Ensure your bike is secured when not in use, ideally with two locks and attached to a solid, permanent structure like a bike stand.
  • Park it in a highly visible place.
  • Remove all accessories when leaving it.
  • Keep a ‘cycle passport’ so you can share all details about your bike with North Yorkshire Police if it is stolen.
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